About us

Armao Luxury Properties, is activated in selling luxurious residences all over Greece. Further to that, we rent luxurious cars, ships and generally, we cover all your need for luxurious life, for the last 2 decades. These years of expertise, come to provide you the best possible solutions and to get above, with all of your requirements, absolutely.

“Difficult” for us, is translated to “special”, constituting a consecutive challenge of growth and improvement, of our already excellent benefits. Located in Mykonos, Armao Luxury Properties, growths constantly, with her new offices in Kolonaki, Athens, to be opened in December 2017.

Armao Luxury Properties, comes to fascinate you by offering you a completed comprehension of investment occasions per Greece.

We collaborate with leading, so much domestic, as much international lawyer's companies, ensuring you the access and briefing to leading investment capitals of real estate market in Greece. Be exempted from any kind of stress, so much by the procession of selling your property, as much by the researching of buying your future house… Avoid any unnecessary weight during your holidays and allow us to make them luxurious unique!